Hi, I'm Christian von Uffel.



I help B2B SaaS companies solve their marketing problems with customer research, growth, and product strategy

Most agencies and consultants sell you on creative strategies and tactics, but these things only work when marketers already understand your customers and why they buy.

And the truth is that most marketers don't understand your customers and won't make the time or effort that's required to do so.

Shockingly, 73% of all marketers do no customer research work at all.

But customer research is exactly what's required to create marketing strategies you can be sure will work.

That's why what makes me different than most marketers is my strict focus on customer research and validation.

I validate why customers buy, what marketing messages work, and what marketing channels work to grow your business and I validate the answers to these important questions using interviews, surveys, and analytics.

In order to provide my clients with better marketing, I work to understand their customers using proven research frameworks to uncover critical customer insights.

Customer research is the main ingredient in creating effective marketing.

So if customer research is so important, why doesn't every marketer do it?

Doing great customer research is really hard.

  • customers often don't know what they want or why, and can't describe it
  • customers lie about what they want to save face and ask for features and services that don't really solve their problems or help you sell to them

There are a lot of ways customer research goes wrong. So I've taken my time and honed my customer research and marketing skills over years of practice working with companies, teaching, being a mentor, and learning from other experts to ensure I get it right.

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Work Experience

I led marketing strategy for multiple B2B SaaS businesses, was the first marketing hire at a B2B FinTech SaaS company, taught digital marketing for GrowthX Academy, ran marketing for a storytelling event series about startup failures, helped an indie video game developer successfully launch his first game on Playstation 4, and currently mentor startups at Acceleprise and the German Accelerator.

Life: I compete against myself

I write about things that interest me. Writing helps me improve my thinking by organizing my thoughts and enables me to better take action on my ideas.

I read many books (over 300 books and counting) and recommend the books I like here. I also created and use a system to learn more from reading.

I primarily learn by reverse engineering concepts and validate what I learn through experiments.