Demo Screen Setup Instructions

Command Center Setup: Control Room

Finance Room

Surface Pro: Finance Dashboard

iMac: Finance Dashboard

Control Room (Accident Room)

Control Room iMac:

Touch Screens:

Top Left:

Top Right:

Center Top (1):

Middle Center (2):

Middle Center (3):

Bottom Middle Center (4):


Top Left: Trips Layer 1

Top Right: Trips Layer 2

Accidents Plateau

Fatalities Plateau and Cocody

Accidents Marcory and Treichville

Accidents Abidjan Zoomed Out


OLED Left: Accidents Video 1 Hour

Top Left: Trips Layer Abidjan Zoomed Out 1 Hour

Top Right: Trips Layer Plateau 1 Hour

Center Top (1): Trips Layer Cocody 1 Hour

Middle Center (2):  Construction Plateau 1 Hour

Middle Center (3): Construction Cocody 1 Hour

Bottom Middle Center (4): Demo Basic (pause on the video when it's in full screen)


GitHub Repo & Directory


Traffic Incidents

Accident Hexagon