Perfecting Product in progress :)

Working with SaaS companies over the last few years has taught me marketing isn't as sustainable or scalable as I once thought, or rather I should say hoped.

The best way to grow business is often no longer improving marketing. Instead, for many businesses, it's improving core products and services.

As a marketer, I didn't immediately know this, but I knew that in order to ensure I marketed businesses successfully I needed to understand how customers think. That meant talking to customers and the people who already did. Talking to find out how the sales process currently worked enabled me to validate strategies that might improve upon it.

But during my process of validating what sort of marketing messages work, I discovered that many businesses couldn't get past their marketing problems.

When businesses used customer research to inform their marketing, but not how they built their products, improving marketing ultimately wasn't enough to reach their goals.

Perfecting Product serves to discover and highlight how companies improve product and satisfy their customers.

Ultimately, there's only one question that matters:

What would business look like if people loved your product?

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