Key Takeaways on Tripping Over the Truth

What would you do if you had spent your whole life trying to figure out the answer to one of life's most dangerous and important problems and then discovered the solution was in a completely different direction than you originally anticipated?

Well the answer is it turns out is an entirely human response. You would have difficulty accepting it was actually true. You would have a mountain of evidence you had been building up your entire life through dedicated struggle, hard work, and honest intent. How would you shake this off? The honest answer is that you probably wouldn't.

This is the situation that we might be in today with cancer.

One of life's most dangerous illnesses might have a weakness.

Research on the disease has identified a misuse of metabolic resources that is common to all almost all cancer cells. Cancer cells create a byproduct that shows they're energy inefficient and therefore they have difficulty metabolizing certain types of energy.

Understanding this metabolic failure may be key to preventing cancer from growing and spreading in the human body. This therefore offers a simple if not easy way to prevent it.

This is one of the difficulties of our current health apparatus. Almost all medical research towards curing cancer is done so through surgical intervention and pharmaceutical applications.

Metabolic intervention however provides neither of these money making opportunities. In fact, metabolic intervention as we might define it as assisted water fasting might be one of the cheapest alternative treatments around.

So a potential cure for cancer which has mounting evidence has tremendous disincentives for it to become popular because it challenges the position of authority of medical experts who are paid for their expertise and no one stands to gain from it.