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It's Time to Replace College with Better High School

Most people exit college with more debt than real life skills to show for it. For many people a better solution might be a reimagined version of high school.
It's Time to Replace College with Better High School

College fails to provide good ROI.

Most people exit college after 4 years with more debt than work experience and real life skills to show for it. That college graduation is so often considered mandatory for jobs makes this bad deal even worse by forcing it onto more people.

There's a better solution for preparing students for life instead of college: better high-school.

High school doesn't need to be a training ground for college entrance exams. It can be a place students prepare themselves for successful careers.

To enable high schools to achieve this goal, high school must change.

High schools must adopt mastery-based-learning. High schools must rank order the skills we most often use in life and teach real life skills to people who desperately need them.

Mastery Based Learning at a Glance

Here are some ideas for an alternative system of schooling that enables students to succeed by solving some of what I perceive to be important problems in our current system of schooling. If we adopt these changes, I believe we would enable our students to learn more effectively and create consistent improvement across the student body.