Beginner Tailwind: Course Review

Beginner Tailwind: Course Review

Let me first begin by describing what I dislike about many courses that are offered online.

Many courses today don't serve as accessible resources for people to learn new topics but instead function as ways instructors can show off their skills.

These kinds of courses rush students through topics that they have no familiarity with and show them how to do specific things without telling them why they should use this or that approach and without helping students understand and consider the important tradeoffs to get things done.

Because of these problems, many online courses today aren't good ways to learn new subjects. They are instead video-format case studies that offer a mirage of new learning opportunities.

I am pleased to say that Beginner Tailwind by Chris on Code does not do any of these things.

Instead, Beginner Tailwind is a smoothly paced and comprehensive look at how you can adopt using Tailwind into your web design practice. Chris covers both the basics of web design and the granularity of CSS properties in a relaxing and even comforting manner.

Every example of his designs’ implementation using Tailwind CSS comes with both straight forward exposition as well as straight-forward examples of code.

He explains not only how to design the elements you need or want to include within your site, but also why you might want to do it a certain way and how he thinks about his design and Tailwind implementation thought process.

The result of his evenly paced and comfortable lecture style is learning how to design using the Tailwind CSS framework in a fashion that leads students close to achieving mastery.

Beginner Tailwind Course Review Score: 5 stars